Shock On You, Vera Sidika Skin Lightening Costs Your County A Fortune.

I will be wrong to deny that for some time things came to a halt, when finally she was here, guess on #TheTrend a program that is aired live every Friday on NTV hosted by our own Kenyan Selfie King Larry Madowo.

When the Video Vixen began talking tweets were at a standstill except from a few who could resist the sparks of the irrepressible Vera.

As a close follower, Larry had all his question ready I admit, but the lass had a clue of what everyone wanted to know from the skin lightening (bleaching) trending topic, to how she makes money through her booty.

When she confessed the price of her human hair as only $2,000, her shoes, $5,500 and the Skin lighting procedure $600 000, that’s KES 180,000, KES 480,000 and KES 50 Million, my jaws dropped, and then I completely went dumb, not until Bahati did a reboot of my entire self with some beautiful encouraging music.

Vera who a Model an Entrepreneur and also an Interior Designer by professional owns two exceptionally comfortable and extremely flexible Bmw X3 and a Mercedes-Benz Convertible Limo

And just in case you plan to invite the lass for an exceptional appearance in your party be ready to partner with $2500 just for an hour, for those that are ready to hang around with a year rent in their skulls she’ll be launching human hair boutique very soon in Nairobi.

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