Things People Do For Love

If you’ve ever fallen hard in love, then I need not to put it into details that love can make you less vulnerable to pain.

Ever had a roaring headache and after stealing a glance to that special someone, you find painkiller of less use? Love can be as hazardous as a drug or Red Label if you’re flat lovesick.

Love facts can surprisingly snap you back to reality, you know, passionate feelings of love surely can clutter with your mind and body from the way you talk to the way you walk.

One minute you’re completely sane, the next minute you’re hopping on Maddie’s daybed like a coked-up child. However, no matter how much you love your noteworthy, you’ve perhaps never traversed the line from wild romantic to wild insane.

The reality is; if I pick the title as a love story, I’m not going to put a dot at the end, and if we pick it as your Love story, it’s not going to end either.

So, let’s get straight to the nasty things people do when in love or for Love.

If you wouldn’t let your poor partner brush off the offcuts of his/her puke-fest then you’re getting dumber. I know you once said to your friends that you wouldn’t do that, but hell no.

My fellow marrieds and I don’t mean to expose their secrets, let partners pee or worse while they shower.  If you live in a one bathroom apartment this is not a surprise, “pop a zit” no big deal if you got a weak stomach, hey; it’s not worth waiting. The only irritating thing would be if he/she flushes when you’re enjoying the candling of the shower drops, regardless of the price left behind in the potty.
 And if getting downstairs is such a hustle, what happens if some ingrown hairs are such a bother? Yes? Then get your sweet half do the business.

Once you have been together for a while you just kind of deal with the daily nastiness that comes with human.
  • Pulling down your spouse pants while they go for shower and helping them dress up i.e.  when they are sick.
  • Sharing Toothbrush
  • Pick food stuck between their teeth.
The fact is; when persons are in love they gradually relax their initial trend to hide any gross rituals/biological roles.

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