Samsung Unveils The Slimy, Silky and Dimpled Soft-Touch Polished Galaxy S5

Samsung unveils the long awaited Galaxy S5 with a few surprises as far as specifications and features are concerned.

The Galaxy S5 is said to carton a 5.1-inch full HD Super AMOLED display with 1920 x 1080p resolution. Comparing with Galaxy S4 nothing much over its processor upgrade which is 2.5GHz quad-core, The camera got a foremost apprise with a 16 megapixel with 0.3s shot-to-shot time.
The Choosy Focus appears to be comparable to that of Nokia's Refocus app. The S5 also has new HDR Live mode which apparently lets you see how the HDR picture will look like even before you snap it

The S5 has another addition feature; the Heart Rate Monitor positioned just underneath the rear camera beneath the LED flash. To use this Heart Rate Monitor feature you are only required to put your index finger there and the device will show your Heart Rate. Seemingly, Samsung Galaxy S5 will emphasis on health apps (S-Health 3.0 on board), mainly with Samsung's latest Gear wearables appears almost familiar however bids a number of developments.

Samsung S5 has the Ultra Power Saving Mode that turns the display to black and white, and closes down all unnecessary features to reducing battery consumption. This may quite address the major grievance with Galaxy devices so far.

The smartphone come with a fingerprint that is embedded in the Home key and if you need to use the security feature, you will be required to swipe your finger 8 times to record it and after that you will be able to unlock the S5 with your fingerprint. With this fingerprint you can approve PayPal disbursements with just a sole swipe of your computed finger.

Another feature that is incorporated in Galaxy S5 is the ‘KIDS MODE’ which shuts down the vital functions in case you are generous enough to offer the expensive gadget to a child under minimal administration.

The Galaxy S5 is IP67 water and dust resistant, a USB 3.0 port, LTE connectivity with download booster mode in which you can use both Wi-Fi and LTE for super-fast transfers, Android 4.4 KitKat,

Unfortunately, the design is not different from other galaxys’ as front looks quite the same as the previous Galaxy S4, the only noticeable feature is at the back comprising a matte plastic with some spotted roughness which is available in black, white and gold colors. Definitely, Galaxy S5 exemplifies an iconic style with vital and advantageous geographies to focus on bringing the definitive smartphone.

It chains a cutting-edge camera, dissolute network connectivity, enthusiastic fitness tools and boosted device safety features as it helps operators to stay fit and joined in stylishness.

It’s reserved to launch internationally in April 11th and will be accessible in key outlets.

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