With a 1,000 Bob Pastor Wahome of Helicopter will check your Name in the “Book of Life”

When it’s said, Pastors are just like any human being, and that they are just but vessels, God uses to license HIS message, and so any follower should act by their word, then we see more sense to that.

This is because we have seen those that give their all, in passing the Great God word, but when we turn on the page, it reveals a total a total different person.

Taking a minute to understand the theory behind, we find that, there is much to it than it meets the eye and you can only chose what you want to go with.  

Take for example those pastors that preach Water and live by it and those that preach water but drink wine.

If I weigh the two choices, I’m contented that they are just but Vessels.

Ideally, there has been a lot of Contradictions, in some ministries, where pastors are taking advantage of any desperate situation, with the aim of capturing a congregation, winning their trust, through ridiculous acts and finally extorting them up to their last cent.

The current trading is Pastor Thomas Wahome, of Helicopter Church who is charging his Congregation a fee of Kshs. 1,000 to Kshs.1, 500 for those that wish to know if their names appear is the book of life. For the last two weeks thousands of followers have been flocking to his ministry wanting to know if they will get to see heaven but at a fee. I guess now you shouldn’t be surprised if your friend says ‘Heaven, Here I come’

Pastor Wahome has been on the limelight after previous wife Leah filed case demanding to be paid Kshs. 300,000 her maintenance.

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