Some Nice Rounded Sized Butt Arise Oomph To The 1000 Laughs Comedy Stars

This is weird for me though, but lets me see... O K, Can you visualize the response that transpires in the brain of a healthy guy, when a nice, rounded, clean, soft and warm butt, that belongs to a lady, come across his face?.

Well, if you can imagine the kind of oomph that the  lass on a picture on the right, might have caused to the comedy stars, then, you will have the answer to your question.

As for me, I have a thing for a nicely balanced behind. It surely isn't something to be embarrassed of. It's just in a man’s DNA I guess, to be attracted to a nice looking butt. It means you're healthy and capable of reproduction or somewhat.

But hey, my counsel; if you’re the kind of a guy, get over it, get over yourself. Work on the inside as much as the exterior, don’t be the reason socialites are currently trending!

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