Australian Police Are Investigating the Death Of Easter Arunga’s 3 Year-old Boy Who Is Said To Have Fell On The Stairs.

Former Kenyan TV presenter and her husband Quincy have been questioned over the unfortunate death of their 3 year old son.
And according Australian TV channel 7 News report, the kid was injured after he tumbled on the stairs while playing with his sibling. 

His parents supposed that the injuries were not that serious and gave the boy some analgesics and had him retire for bed. The boy illness deteriorated still, and called for his parents to call for medics, but the poor boy died while he was being attended.

Reason Quincy and his wife Easter have been taken for interrogation by the Australian police, to determine whether the death was due to negligence or just an accident.

Here is Esther Arunga Being Taken Away for Questioning by Aussie Police Over Son's Death video:

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