Vybz Kartel And Three Others Cuffed With Life Sentences

Adidja Azim Palmer well known as Vybz kartel, a Jamaican reggae and Dancehall star, Life Sentence lays his fate. He was sentenced with three others for the murder of Lizard “Clive Williams” in 2011.

The sentence was handed down by Justice Lennox Campbell in the Supreme Court downtown Kingston Jamaica.

Kartel will oblige to a maximum of 35 years in jail before he can be entitled for Parole of which by then he would be 73 years.

The three other men imprisoned alongside Kartel for the murder of Williams were ‘Shawn Storm’ Campbell, Jones Kahira, Andre St John who were sentenced to life in prison and serve 25, 25 and 30 years respectively before they could qualify for parole.

They stayed calm on the jailbird’s dock as their verdicts were read to them and later they were all taken to the (TSACC) Tower Street Adult Correctional Center for the kick-off, of their sentences.

Although Vybz Kartel and Shawn Storm maintained that they were innocent, a text message the police retrieved from Kartel’s phone, saying Lizard had been sliced-up like “mincemeat” so well that his leftovers would never be traced, was the main evidence in the 65- day trial, the lengthiest hearing in Jamaican history.  The Jamaican Tatoo king as reported by police to have instructed Saddler aka Gaza Slim to report, she was raided at a knifepoint by Lizard five days ago just after Kartel was charged with his murder.

There were a number of security encounters throughout the case as there were attempts by Juror Livingston Cain to entice the panel in an attempt t to free the Jamaican violent. Through Police executives, the intelligence indicated that, the onlookers were gathered outer to illustrate support for Vybz were paid to build chaos during the adjacent of the hearing.

This is not the first time Kartel’s has been in trouble with the law, he has been in another murder case where there were allegations that him and two others killed businessman “Bossy” Barrington Burton in 2011, but the case malformed as the prosecutors failed to yield sufficient evidence to back-up the accusations.

Kartel is recognized to enlighten his skin from its original brown to Pasty beige to well show his tattoos.

While in prison since 2011, he has produced a number of tracks from his cell by his smartphone and a book named “The Voice of the Jamaican Ghetto”.

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