Porsche Cars, Big Money Cannot Guarantee A Healthy Relationship

I felt insulted when a friend of mine told me that these days, fresh ladies desire a loaded breadwinner with an outstanding profession. Certainly, I had to pause, think about it deeply and do some research.

I’ve also heard that women continue to use wedding as supplement to their occupation job; reason that made me consider the argument that they wed for dosh and not love.

What is the need of chasing a dream property or wealth while you live a miserable life? Well, if we are to challenge the desire for more strong relationships and marriages, we need more persons chasing the art of true Love.

I still believe no matter how greatly you try to progress job-wise, it doesn’t have direct importance on your capability to experience great relationship. 

Maybe what ‘fresh Ladies’ fail to understand is most of the failed marriages come from corporate tycoons, politicians and celebrities’, people who own the world I suppose. Unluckily, owning a Porsche car or big money doesn’t guarantee a healthy marriage. The truth is, no matter the world you own, cannot buy real love.

A beautiful relationship is made of two individuals ready to sacrifice for one another. It doesn’t matter how many contracts you close or business problems you solve, if you can’t learn the art of sacrifice, you’ll never experience great love. Sacrifice isn’t somewhat money can buy; it’s rather built into the personality being.
If you believe the reason is dough, adultery, or else, it really comes down to an unhappy relationship. An amazing relationship can only be achieved if the parties are working under the same principles.

We need to tune our mindset, train to recognize those that we are enticed to, those that we can go out with, for a banquet or a movie and build an intimate relationship from there.

To crown it, “a fruitful friendship is able to steer through heights and valleys and keeps parties glued together even through the demanding times”.

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