Lucia Musau: Elegance, Fashion Is The Only Beauty That Certainly Never Fails

Meet Lucia Musau a Kenyan based entrepreneur, CEO and Founder of African Elite Model, a Kenyan Fashion Blogger and away from all that, meet a wife to Serge Mark and a mum to a little handsome boy Lucias Tumelo.

Now that you know her, Lucia believes in God, the power of prayer and positive thinking and she considers fashion as a way of expression. She says, “How we dress acts as a communication without words”.

She is among many women with perfect figurine that dresses with delight and admiration, and that anything she puts on, turns into tremendous idyllic perfectly designed regalia, but, is there any secret that we are not aware of? I don’t think so. 

If you’re not confident enough in what you wear, you just need to borrow a leaf or two from the fashionista, but no matter your status; you don’t need to rob a bank to dress like a queen.

You agree we are in new era in fashion, where guidelines depend individually on own smartness, but at the same time, you believed that fashion is there to uplift, and give us self-assurance in life.
You know, fashion is the only beauty that never fades, Lucia and many others helps you match your persona with the right outfit come any occasion.

Going by her regular updated fashion blog, you’ll realize that, style has no rulebooks, and it doesn’t matter what other people say about you, it’s not about them but about you, your peculiar elegance, that’s what matters.

In fashion you just need make a little effort and balance between style and comfort since we tend to sway so much on comfort and forget to pick up a style.

For more details about Lucia Musau, The Kenyan Fashionado check out her fashion blog  
Lucia Musau
Check out some of her pictures on what to wear on different occasions

For more details about Lucia Musau, The Kenyan Fashionado check out her fashion blog   
Lucia Musau

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