Leo Leo Lyrics By Nandy Featuring Koffi Olomide

Song:    Leo Leo

Artist:     Nandy Ft. Koffi Olomide

Licensed to YouTube by:    Vydia (on behalf of Nandy Under Exclusive License to emPawa Africa Limited)

Leo Leo Lyrics By Nandy Featuring Koffi Olomide

[African Princess]


[Boss ya Mbokhaa]

[Papalo King, Morhpaa]

[Aah! Papaah!]

Alidesh [Kimamba On The Beat]

My Sweet koko, penzi kidani nitunzie

Nakesha popo, kulinda vidanga visiibie

Nadeka mwali [Ka mtoto]

Nidekeze mie [Bai koko]

Ni wa hararii chanda chema mie

Unanichanganya changanya changanya, wanikosha roho-oo

Changanya-aa-aa wanikosha roho-oo

Wanichangaya, changanya changanya, wanikosha roho uwo uwo

Changanya-aa [Eli K Mandara]

Usije moto kuzima, mwenzako nishawasha, aaah! Leo leo

Etkimotoe kuzer pereperi ‘yee aaah!

aaah! Leo leo

Usije moto kuzima mwenzako nishawasha aah! Leo Leo

Batwaa tweanz Nkute’ mang’ae nikotulimae!

Aah! Leo leo

Eeeeh! eh! eeeh! eeeh!

Tjumae’ tjumae’ djuma! tunapiga makof

Eeeh! Eeeh!

Nandy, na mapao’

Changanya changanya my baibe oooh! IBoss ya Mbokhaa

Eeh! Changanya, changanya she gets me crazy, [eistolike’]

Changanya changanya, lazouimbongaa eeeh!

Sherie’ yabamogokurklie mondukielee [abereshoue]

Sherie’ yabamagokurklie mondukielee [amaphomae!]

Sherie, yabomagakr’ eaka pero arleast yeye’ [Heah! heah!]

Sherokie kiroe

Eeh! Narazraoe’ [Ha ha ha ha]

Sherokie kiroe [Eeeh!]

Narlazo’ ue Eeh! eeh!

Agotin’ Meeh Le!f Imeparapi’e

Agotinmae Lee

Nerf meparapipe [zelf Bertle]

Eeh aah! aah ah aa

Usije moto kuzima mwenzako nishawasha 

Aaah! Leo leo

Retik’Moto wazarak’ bera berie, yee! 

Aaah! Leo leo

Usije motokuzima mwenzako nishawasha

Aah! leo leo

Twabu lindakou tablekiumaa

Aah! leo leo

Zindakou eeeh! 

Zindakou [eeh!]

Gota gota gota gota 

Zindakou eeh!

Gota [Eeh!] 

Gottae Aah! eyau

Gottae Aah!

Gottae ouuh!

Nandy is a top Tanzanian female artist. She was selected to represent Coke Studio Africa 2017, where she did a remarkable performance with the Ethiopian Betty G and though a new comer at Coke Studio, got an opportunity to be upgraded to the high profile artists.

Nandy in November made Tanzania proud after being nominated and winning the Best Female on the East Africa category in the all Africa Music Awards (AFRIMMA). This was the first major award for this upcoming artist.

This opened up doors for her National recognition and Corporate Endoresment by signing for products by TradeKings, ENLAIR POPS and also signing as an Ambassador alongside Aslay for the National Sanitation and Hygiene campaign ( USICHUKULIE POA, NYUMBA NI CHOO)

She has currently the Number 1 song on Clouds FM for Four weeks in a row  for her hit song Kivuruge and hopefully will get the recognition that all artists strive for “JIWE LA MWEZI” that is awarded for songs that have surpassed a Million viewers on YOU TUBE but have held the charts the longest.

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