What Kim Kardashian And Kenyan Socialite Huddah Monroe Have In Common: PHOTOS

Huddah says, “No fat Zone! Take ya lame *ss to the gym and let the ones who got bodies to show off - Show it off!. As long as my V4gIN4 is not showing, you are the one who is naked!“

That is Huddah Monroe, pushing the envelope through, she prides herself to the frontline.

Well, I don’t see any grave pathology behind this bearing; however in any case, she is a bit of a go-getter and one of the methodologies to sustain her merit and sovereignty in a classy manner. 

Said that, sometimes it just gets wacky here on social and I will too very soon figure out something extra-ordinary to get my self-recognized as doing usual doesn’t get you renowned.

Seemingly, in the same way Kim Kardashian reposed naked on a bed in a picture exposing her hoo-ha magically obstructed by a silk sheet from the British GQ Issue, the same way Huddah would dress in her own clothing design, ‘yellow top with a hood’ with her hands delaying her imaginary treasure.

Check out the photos but don’t allow the explicit grab your decent self-worth.
Huddah Monroe

Kim Kardashian

Huddah Monroe

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