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Today I reveal what I view to be a well calculated campaign of witch hunting meant to disparage my name and to slow me down in my development program of Machakos Maendeleo Chap Chap.

I wish to inform Kenyans that from the day I announced that I would not be party to political rallies because they might spin out of control and burn Kenya, I have received intimidating acts by agencies and commissions in Kenya. Let me expound:

First, a few days after my statement, the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission wrote to me and asked me to appear to be grilled over supposed irregularities in purchasing vehicles in Machakos, a process that I was not party to. I was reliably informed by an employee of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission that they had been tasked to find fault and I quote, "bring Mutua down in whatever way possible." The complainant to EACC was no other that Machakos Senator Johnstone Muthama and he seemed to have received political backing from within the echelons of EACC.

I instructed my lawyers to write to EACC and to inform them that I will not allow myself to be paraded as a suspect and that the EACC needed to inform me of what investigations personal to me they were investigating. This is because, I cannot be party to a fishing expedition whose main aim is public embarrassment and witch hunt so as to slow me down. I have never stolen a shilling belonging to the poor and desperate people of Kenya and I will not allow my integrity and image to be ruined for dubious reasons just because I am concentrating on developing my poor people. I also have rights under the constitution.

A day after receiving the EACC letter, an officer with the auditor general informed me that word in the corridors of the auditor controller general's offices was that auditing of Machakos County government be done in a way to incriminate the Governor directly because I, the Governor, was moving too fast and unsettling the old political order. Have written to Auditor General Mr. Ken Ouko requesting a meeting to discuss these allegations.

Third, yesterday, I received a call from a journalist with a leading media house in Nairobi who told me that they had a copy of a letter that the Ombudsman had written to my county claiming that a complainant had made various allegations on ongoing works and tenders and I needed to defend myself. I quickly checked with my office and county offices and found out that the said letter had not been delivered but had somehow made it to media houses before it got to us. I remember receiving a social call from Ombudsman Otiende Omollo who told me he was writing to me a letter about some areas I could improve my systems and that I was doing a good job.
These are just a few of about seven incidences that appear to be well synchronized and emanating from a single control room. Their timing, all happening in succession, are suspect.
What is shocking is that it is agencies of state that are meant to be neutral and non-biased that are being used in what is clearly a political witch hunt.

Our country is a very poor country and the time had come for us to utilize our few resources well, cut out corruption and bring speedy and concrete development to our people. As millions are being stolen daily, I am busy squeezing every shilling so that I can provide ten times more services to my poor people. For this, the agencies that should be hailing me for reducing graft and serving Wananchi, are busy organizing ways to find fault in whatever way so as to slow me down and to settle scores for others.

The EACC appears confused that I chose not to waste public money buying luxurious cars for my ministers but bought reconditioned cars like majority of Kenyans do, and used the saved money to buy ambulances to ferry our pregnant mothers to hospital so that they can stop dying by roadsides like dogs. They truly shock me.

The work I am doing in Machakos is not my work but God's work and no amount of witch hunt, cooked up investigations and political motivated intimidation will stop me from working hard and fast so that my people of Machakos will have water in every home, Tarmac roads, proper healthcare and our desperate youth have jobs.
It is tragic that organizations such as Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission that should be fair and our beacon of fighting graft are in my opinion, behaving like agents of aiding corruption and witch hunt. Truly, Kenyans, we are doomed.

I humbly call upon Parliament to investigate the behaviors of these organizations and the motivations of some of the commissions which are being used to settle political scores instead of being a solution to the woes that have befallen our poor country.
I urge all Kenyans to rise up and demand better services and saving of their money by leaders. Times are hard and we need to have austerity measures. Kenyans, and especially the young, who are the majority and unemployed, should not let old school mind sets slow down the work we are doing in Machakos.
They should rise again and again and make it clear that they want Maendeleo Chap Chap and will not allow witch hunting.
I refuse to be intimidated because I am serving the poor and desperate people of Kenya and doing God's work in an efficient and transparent way.

Lastly, I request all Kenyans to keep me and my team in Machakos in your prayers so that these detractors who is are trying stop us serving the poor people of God are defeated.

Thank you and God Bless you.

Dr. Alfred Mutua Governor, Machakos
July 3rd, 2014

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