CORD WINS: After The Tussle Over Uhuru Park Between Cord & Jubilee Aliance

The leader of the Majority in the Kenya National Assembly Hon Aden Barre Duale has clarified on claim that, there was a tussle between Jubilee Alliance and Cord over Uhuru Park, where Cord leaders plan to hold a Saba Saba Rally.

The statement confirms neither the Jubilee alliance nor any of its affiliates has made any reservation of the park for the day and that the only even they are aware of is scheduled for the same venue is inter- denominational prayers to be held on Saturday, 5 July, 2014.

Statement via Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko: -

"It has been reported in the media that the Jubilee Alliance has reserved Uhuru Park for a function next Monday. For the avoidance of misunderstanding, I confirm that neither the Jubilee Alliance, nor any of its affiliates has made any reservation of the Park for that day. The only event we are aware of scheduled for that venue is inter-denominational prayers to be held on Saturday, 5th July, 2014, to which the Alliance has been invited. I repeat: the Jubilee Alliance has not reserved Uhuru Park for any political function on or around 7th July, 2014."

Duale report, dispels claim that, Cord and Jubilee claimed to have reserved the same venue for their separate gathering on a similar day.

For a while now, cord leaders have been insisting for national dialogue with aim to point out on issue decentralization, corruption, security and IEBC removal, but Jubilee believes cord can pass their grievances via constitutional institutions.

Although police have warranted to provide security for the rallies, already tension is evident in areas like Naivasha, where families have started fleeing their homes for safety.

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