The Ripped and Distressed Sonko Pants That Made The President Pick Otong’olo’s Happy Moments

You must have known by now Sonko the Nairobi Senator is one guy who goes his way no matter the time or day.
The’ Munyonge’ representative dress code is always a highlight in any given occasion and his foils have held it calm in adapting his swag.

Well, let him be, we’ve seen him dish monies to anyone that catches his eye, so pay-back-time is essential. The question is where does he dig all this monies he spends? A story for another day? No. Learn the saying that goes, ‘the hand that gives is the same hand that receives’ and so we’re sorted.

Apparently, there are pictures circulating around on social media, in an incident that caught the president, his Deputy and the Cabinet Ministers eye; Senator ‘Sonko’ Dress Code.

He wore a ripped distressed slim fit jeans that left the president pick ‘Otong’olo’s laughter moment, but to the senator he was all in smiles.

Check out the pictures -

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