Can a Wedding Cake Cut Off Woman's Sexual Interest?

Ever had of guys who confuse others with all sorts of jokes, like some women have got a tinny switch in their brains that they turn off to cut any sexual interest? Well, others think it’s more of a regulator than an off and on the thing.

Others say it’s the wedding cake. But, do you believe a wedding cake could be one of the causes that censor women from being sexually intimate? I don’t think so, although there could be some truth alongside. I mean, looking at it from a different angle, I’d say only those that have tackled the matter would ascertain the truth.  They say, “You can never get to know a woman wait until you get that ring on their finger”. This could be surprising as many may desperately fall for the joke.

In the current world, where questions and answers are readily available on the internet, some have digitized their day to day life; others have trusted their friends with their lives, thinking that a friend or the internet could be the answer to their issues.

Well, you cannot rely on anyone’s answer on why your woman is “shutting off”, but from my point of view, there are several probable reasons.

I’ve overheard it from some women that, intimacy is more intellectual and passionate for women, and as a guy, you need to acquire the abilities on how to get in touch with their moods.

For numerous twosomes, shortage of affection is such an agreement breaker, and it directs a vast disparity in the marriage and may curve in an opportunity for adultery and separation. Erotic intimacy is a vital portion of a marriage, so it is wise as a man to let your spouse know that, and in any case, no one would want to commit himself to a life of no intimacy.  But before then, you would want to ask yourself a couple of questions and here are just a few facts that could gradually slay your woman’s sexual interest: -
•    Depression
•    Age
•    Tired
•    Medical problem

There are numeral accounts for her not wanting sex, and the only way to get an honest answer to your grievances is to entertain a conversation. This way, she would open up her real reasons, as she has the responsibility as a wife to attend to her wifely duties but if she has an underlining problem, then; it is your responsibility as a husband to help her fix it.  Otherwise, as a man, you have the right to sexual intimacy with your wife and not just in return for some nightlight banquet outing.

As a man, you must be gentle, empathic, and considerate when handling this subject with your companion, and you too should hear out her explanations.

Although there are many sexless marriages, like; where partners have similar sexual dysfunction, they may tend to have no problem in their sex life, which is fine. But, if there is a lack of sexual attention by one partner in a marriage, there is a grave challenge ahead, and if the issue is dodged, eventually it will drive parties apart irreversibly.

Well, if you’re unable to tackle the distress yourselves, there is a need to pursue help from a proficient sex therapist

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