A Proud Parent

There is nothing more sweetly than the love we've got for our kids particularly, when they are little babies, we tend to love them expecting nothing reciprocally, and enjoyment of simply seeing them smile. And as they grow up, they challenge us; they make us proud, they grow and do mistakes; however we tend to love them regardless.

Now, when you look at small babies, you can squarely call them idle splotches; reason being, they basically lie around all day sipping milk and bonding with toys, but hey, contrary, they are very vigorous, when not asleep.

Being the envious favorite, I can’t even stand being in the house all day since she turned two, otherwise I would catch a nap on the floor like she does.
As time travels fast, it’s not long ago when she was a tiny little bond; she would not even cover the palm of my hands, she would slip in between the hands and fall but what followed, were sweet dreams seeing her grow big and tall.
When I would look at her and she would giggle expecting me to giggle back suggestively, such a beautiful experience.
The feelings of happiness, as you hold the tiny clone of you in your hands, and seeing her chuckle and game is what any loving parent would long for, and that’s the beauty of being a parent. There are too many versions of sweet stories and memories from any loving parent.

As for me; I never get tired of the pecks and hugs, it doesn’t matter the mood she is in. We just love each other unconditionally and knowing I fashioned this faultless tiny person and that everything I teach her shapes her  into the person she will be when she grows up, is what I always air ahead to.
To me, being a dad doesn’t mean getting older, like many would say, but at least get to experience this phase of a lifetime.

I guess every period has its own routine; as much as my daughter learns much from me, I too get to learn from her, some adorable exercises, great workout if I may say.
We have transformed the poor bed to a Jumping-castle and I am happy adding it on the list as one my hobbies. She now grabs my little finger and drags me around like a toy baby.  She’s easy bored so; there is much for us to do than watch her favorite cartoons shows on TV, including some little exercises, like neck and tummy toning, wonderful experience.
Seeing the way I commit myself to the workout, I smile but and don’t laugh, since she might quit and I would not afford the gym.

My only problem is when she gets down to the Yoga Toe, when she snatches her foot and slowly lifts it up to her mouth, place into the mouth and adore the chow, oh! Men I can’t do that. I guess it’s time well spend and I would dare fathers.

To conclude, if you’re looking a way to flavor up your bodybuilding tedious, be a father, a good father and enjoy the bizarre babe moves that will flora your body for the better. Otherwise, I can’t believe we’re now at this ideal phase. In some way I will miss this time when she’s all mature.

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