The Future Bluetooth padlock

Technology is deliberately transforming any home, job or elsewhere appliance from an ordinary piece to a smart item. Undeniably, locks are among the few objects that are neither sexy nor appealing. 
However, if you happen to be a Kenyan Luo gentleman, and you wish not to break the sleek slogan of smart-devices, then TEO padlock is for you.
Very soon you’ll not have to carry a bunch of keys, if you own a smartphone or a Bluetooth enabled device with a TEO app.

Kickstarter TEO is all about a padlock that can lock, unlock, access and share with an app on your Bluetooth enabled device.  TEO use the app to manipulate a Bluetooth LE lock device, which has a simple axis and a design that promptly gangs it apart from other padlocks. It imitates an ordinary padlock, but with a least burglary resistance and with capacity to endure all types of climate whereas keeping the smart features operative.

Imagine all the keys on single app on your handset, how exciting and with a soft touch of the app on your cellphone it locks or unlocks depending on the status. It also makes it easy when granting access to a colleague or whoever, as opposed to giving a replacement key, if they have TEO app installed in their smartphone.

The following are features of TEO app;
  • Unlock and Lock
  • Alarm
  • Battery life meter
  • Re-key provision
  • Passcode and Code Access to others.
  • QR Encryption to give you info about your TEO.
  • Passcode set.
  • Location info

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