Celebrate Your Body

Every man stares at that good woman in a magazine or online and in fact he’s bombarded with that good skinny chick on the runway or the signboard and thus women confuse this with reality. In fact any man loves sitting next to an odoriferous girl at eating place, or ironed slightly against in the elevator or in a matatu. In real life; will this guarantee you as a lady that you are the kind of woman he would like to fall for? 

This may return as a shock to you that guys have totally different eyeballs than you do. This means, when you look yourself in the mirror, you see that front tooth that’s slightly crooked, the line your bra positions in, the tiny breasts or the too wide-ranging rear, your cracked laps, hilarious toes and the list is endless.

But do you apprehend what your man sees? A girl he’d like to strip nude and get busy with right now, possibly sooner.
If you ask a guy which physical part really attracted him, it’s really hard for him to maneuver past the standard. If you ask me, men see girl’s body nothing like the way woman sees themselves, this means, once a man looks at any girl they instantly notice the things that make that individual girl distinctive.

Of course each girl desires to invest time and energy into a healthy, stunning body. However, meantime don’t let your own problems with your body drive a man away.  Your fatty tissue, stress marks do don’t drive them away therefore least be troubled and own yourself.  You deserve all the fabulous guy attention.

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